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Use of walking poles wristband

Published :2019-12-31 Reads : 759

Use of trekking pole wristband:

The bearing capacity of the walking poles relies on a wristband, which transmits weight and backpack load to the wrist through the wristband, instead of holding the trekking pole’s handle forcefully. I believe that many people have this experience: using the trekking pole by holding the handle firmly, the hand will feel very tired when walking for a long time, especially when walking a long line, and sometimes even tried to throw the trekking pole. But once you learn to use the wristband correctly, no matter how long you use it, your hands will not feel tired.

So how to hold it properly?
First, adjust the wristband to the proper length and push the handle through the wristband loop.
Then press the wristband into our palms.

Then gently hold the handle again. Let the weight support the walking poles through the wrist strap instead of holding the handle tightly. If the length of the wristband is inappropriate, adjust it again.
This is the normal situation after the hand is stretched out, does the tiger’s mouth appear in a semicircular state?
This is what it looks like when properly holdi

ng the walking poles.
Hold the handle lightly at the tiger’s mouth. The trekking pole can swing back and forth like a pendulum, and there is a wristband as a connection. There is no need to hold it tightly, and you do not need to worry about the trekking pole falling down. It’s a burden.
The role of snow support/mud support

? After we buy a walking poles, we usually find a plastic bowl near the tip of the pole. This is called pole support, which is divided into mud support and snow support according to the different environments. Many friends don’t know what this is doing, and even feel that it is very troublesome, and they are used to taking it down. In fact, the usefulness of the stick support is also essential. It is mainly used to prevent the sharp stick tip from being inserted too profoundly when walking on various terrains, causing danger. Therefore, for safety reasons, do not remove the stick holder at will.
The use of trekking poles is to reduce the pressure on the legs and thus increase the overall endurance of the body. Therefore, although the above method of use is the most scientific method, it may not be entirely suitable for everyone, as long as other means are the same, Effect, and will not cause any harm to the body, and appropriate changes are beautiful.

You may feel uncomfortable when you first start using walking poles, but once you have mastered the correct method of use and got used to it, you will really find that trekking poles are like a part of your body, and you really will obviously feel Then, your load will be reduced. In the long run, your knees and your meniscus will be well protected.