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Best budget trekking pole


We hurt our knees on foot. From this perspective, the effectiveness of trekking poles and backpacks is similar. First look at several sets of research data on the use of trekking poles: 1/3: users can share one-third of their weight on arms; arms, and other parts to relieve leg load; 20%: save about 20% of physical energy; 9kg: per One stride can reduce at least 9 pounds of leg load; 12%: Can reduce knee impact by at least 12% when going down the mountain. It is not difficult to see that the core function of trekking poles is to reduce the burden, so as to protect the knees and save energy.

Some friends are always tangled, is it necessary to match a top version at one time. For newbies or people who do not hike a lot a year, it is not needed. This group of people has a wide range of choices and is not very strict about good or bad. For example, a Di Xonong or a climbing pole within 200 yuan is also OK; there is not much need to BD or Leki ( budget is negligible). But! !! This does not mean that the trekking poles are of little technical content, and even a bamboo pole or a branch can be simply replaced. Its shock absorption, support and durability are still particular. An exploded view of a complete trekking pole is as follows:
Grip-Material is roughly three types of cork, rubber and foam. People who do not like sticky or sweaty hands, recommend rubber

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