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Robust trekking poles


Robust trekking poles, ideal for the young mountaineers

Trekking Poles Shop’s Robust was designed especially for young hikers and trekkers: The telescopic poles have a shorter length and a compact, child-friendly grips.

The telescopic poles can be adjustable from 63cm to 135cm and can grow with children for many years

The poles can be adapted to changing conditions by the FlickLock clamping system.

They can accompany children all year round.

The safety tip made of steel is extremely flattened so that no bad injuries would occur when the tip is not placed in an appropriate position where it should.

Stable, safe and great to handle, tomorrow’s mountaineers will have the perfect first gear with the Robust.

Traveling with the children all year round: the robust trekking poles are not just equipped with flat baskets; also freeride baskets for the winter. So, the kids can participate in the winter tour as well.

Another feature to consider when purchasing trekking poles is whether the tip is replaceable. Some trekking poles are equipped with this function, which can release the pole head and the pole body when the trekking pole is stuck on the ground surface, such as a rock gap. After all, it is much cheaper to replace the cane than the entire rod.

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