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Best walking poles


The advantage of the best walking poles is the classic FlickLock system which is one of the best clamping mechanisms, ensuring the system is safe, quick and easy to use. Thus, the poles can be adjustable from 63.5cm to 140cm.

The new flat design adopts the material stainless steel, as well as the better contact surface for the fingers, representing a big improvement in terms of quality, feel and clamping force.

They can be used all year round: The hard carbide tip grips ca n cope with any terrain and offer a secure grip. You can prepare your telescope poles for the winter tour. For the summer small trekking basket will be included.

The carbide tip can be removed and replaced with rubber tips. The tips are so small and light that you can easily carry them in your pocket.

The ergonomically shaped dual-density handles provide a good grip, even with sweaty hands. Good and comfortable in the hand is the all-round padded loop made of a sturdy webbing.

Ideal for traverse is the grip extension, so you can quickly hold and always have the optimal length at hand. The pole is particularly robust and stable due to the high-strength aluminum Swing action.

best walking poles is used all year round and can no longer be missed on any tour.

Nordic walking (stick walking) is becoming more and more popular, but what is a Nordic walking stick and why can it be replaced by a trekking stick? Many people have this problem.
Nordic walking sticks referred to as walking sticks, walking sticks, hiking sticks, etc. Professional Nordic walking sticks have the following characteristics:

  1. Since two must be used at the same time, it is not only suitable for walking but also suitable for mountain climbing. Therefore, the left and right hands are designed separately, more in line with ergonomic principles, comfortable to use, and conducive to the use of technical movements. The benefit of adding a walking stick for walking and climbing is not 1 + 1 = 2, but 1 + 1? 2;
  2. The opening of the grip connecting the wristband is Y-shaped. Which separates the wristband from left to right and has an arc shape. Instead of overlapping and sticking together like a trekking pole. It is convenient for the palm to comfortably exert force in all directions to complete the mechanical action.
    The handle is thin, which makes it easy to hold the handle with the wrist strap. The cane uses the tiger’s mouth as the axis and can swing back and forth to complete the mechanical action of Nordic walking. The best walking poles has a thick handle, which is only suitable for gripping and cannot complete other technical measures.

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