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Best trail Ergo Trekking Poles

  • Material: 6061 aviation aluminum
  • alloyHandle: Dual-density EVA Foam Handle The pleasant hand loops are easily and quickly adjustable from 55-110cm2 Powder Baskets
  • Weight: 320g


The Best trail Ergo Trekking Poles’ new FlickLock PRO system is easy to operate with gloves and has a secure grip. The two lower sections can be quickly and easily screwed together to form a fully functional avalanche probe with a total length of 110cm.

The innovative gripping method introduced by our designer not only improves safety, but also makes it more comfortable to use.

Easier to hike! The special handle design is conducive to gripping and provides support, even if you walk for a long time, you will feel comfortable. Snap design, easy to use.

How best trekking poles are designed?
Independently designed, developed and tested by the Decathlon team.
This model follows the frame design of A200, suitable for outdoor hiking!
Snap design for easy use. Larger rods. Why use a crutch-like grip? We noticed that the standard grip is not suitable for everyone, especially for long journeys. Therefore, we have slightly improved the design of the rod. In this way, users do not need to bend their wrists, their arms and sticks are aligned, and the force distribution is more uniform.
How to adjust trekking poles to the correct length?
The adjustment method is different from the traditional one. The arms are almost aligned with the body, or are only slightly bent. Therefore, it is shorter than a traditional staff.
How to adjust the length: Press the button to retract it into the hole. Slide the telescopic lever until the snap reaches the hole of the required length.
Use the lower ruled lines to align the snaps and eyelets.
Do not exceed the “STOP LINE” warning red line and tighten it to avoid breaking the trekking pole.
User guides
This best trekking poles will help you maintain balance and provide effective support during climbing. You can also shift the force between your arms and legs to make climbing easier.
At the beginning of the climb and the gap between the climbs, press down on the trekking pole to make sure it is locked.
Do not attach trekking poles to your backpack during stormy weather.

Rod: 100.0% AluminumHandle: 90.0% Polypropylene, Handle: 10.0% Styrene Vinyl Butadiene Styrene
Storage recommendations
Do not tighten the adjustment system when storing the rod. This is to alleviate the pressure condition of the rod and also to keep the rod tight. Store in a dry place.
To set the pressure limit of best trekking poles, we tested its pressure capability under very severe conditions. During the design phase, we tested each model in the laboratory, simulating the pressure of the trekking pole until it broke. Also, we tested each component individually to evaluate its locking force and tear resistance level. Since then, we have repeated these tests many times during the production process to ensure consistent quality.
Our field testers. In addition to these laboratory tests, our trial engineer Théo is committed to testing each model on a standardized test floor to ensure quality. The purpose of these tests is to provide comfortable use, easy adjustment, and shock resistance. Also, we conducted a durability testing mission to prove the reliable quality of trekking poles over a distance of 500 kilometers.

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