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How to use hiking poles

Published :2019-12-09 Reads : 420

1.Adjust the length
Generally, two sections of the three-section hiking poles can be adjusted. First, loosen all joints of the trekking pole. Extend the pole near the bottom to the maximum limit. There are scales on the trekking pole for reference. Hold the trekking pole on the plane to adjust the length of the trekking pole. The arm naturally hangs down. With the elbow as the fulcrum, raise the forearm to 90 degrees with the upper arm. , And then adjust the tip of the trekking pole down to touch the ground; or place the tip of the trekking pole under the armpit for 5-8 cm, and then adjust the tip of the mast down to touch the ground. Tighten all the poles of the trekking pole. another
Trekking pole
Trekking pole
A hiking pole that has not been adjusted can be adjusted to the same length compared to the locking pole. When changing the trekking poles, you should not exceed the maximum adjustment length shown on the hiking poles. When purchasing the trekking poles, you can make length adjustments first to determine whether you have bought a trekking pole of the proper length. The healthiest state of the three-section adjustable trekking pole is when the three-section poles have the same length. Therefore, do not extend one of the poles without using another one, or exceed the warning scale of the pole. This will cause the trekking poles to bend easily and become unusable! The best way to use it is to adjust the other two stretchable poles to the same length. This can ensure the support strength of the trekking pole and increase the service life of the trekking pole.
2, wristband use
When using hiking poles, most people hold on to their grips tightly, thinking that the role of the wristband is to prevent the trekking pole from leaving their wrists. If you think so, it is wrong. When going downhill, the impact force of the trekking pole should be transmitted to our arms through the wristband; while when going uphill, the arm’s thrust is sent to the trekking pole through the wristband to generate the uphill assistance, so the wrist passes through the wristband You should not reach directly from above the wristband to grab the handle, but you should pick up the wristband, pierce it from below the wristband, and pass the strap
Trekking pole
Trekking pole
Squeeze in the palm of our hand, and then gently grasp the handle, and support the trekking pole through the wrist strap instead of holding the handle tightly. If there is a buckle, make a slight adjustment, remember not to affect the operation of the trekking pole.

  1. Operation methods for different terrains The following is the standard operation method for general use of trekking poles, but it is not the only way. You can adjust it in actual operation to find the way that suits you so that you can fully use the trekking poles. The benefits
    Flat ground and gentle uphill use the same rhythm as regular walking, right arm with the left foot forward and homoeopathic trekking pole ahead, but the tip of the pole should not exceed the front of the body, then push back against the ground, and the left hand with Doing the same with right-hand interaction. The more inclined steep slopes are the same as walking, but the arm must be placed forward in front of the body. Use the trekking pole to support the body to reduce the pressure on the legs. If necessary, use two trekking poles at the same time. The palm can be placed on the top of the stick to strengthen the pushing force.
    E downhill. It is necessary to use the hiking poles to reduce the load on the legs. The position of the trekking pole must be placed in front of the body, and the force sharing effect must be achieved before landing on the front foot. At this time, the agency must be able to Lean forward; this action is not a natural action of our downhill. So we must practice often, and at the same time feel how far the trekking pole is put, to achieve the effect of reducing leg pressure, and will not slow down the original travel Speed ??and rhythm. If necessary, you can lengthen the trekking pole according to your personal feelings.