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99% of people do not use a pair of trekking poles!

Published :2019-12-31 Reads : 404

Trekking poles are auxiliary equipment used in mountaineering. It can bring many benefits to outdoor activities, improve the stability of walking, and reduce the burden on the legs. You are using trekking poles while walking can reduce the strength given to muscle joints such as the legs and knees by at least 22%. And using two trekking poles at the same time can provide a better balance.
99% of them are useless for trekking poles !
Little trekking poles are very particular. If you like outdoor sports, if you want to walk healthily, it is necessary to have a pair of reliable trekking poles and learn to use them properly. In addition to adequately protecting your knees, it can also help you reduce about 30 With a load of about%; you can walk more efficiently and more comfortably, and enjoy the fun brought by nature better.

How to use trekking poles correctly?

Let me give you a brief introduction

According to the locking method, there are two main types: external lock and an internal lock.
The outer lock is provided with an elastic buckle at the connecting portion of the two sections of trekking poles. The length of the trekking pole can be adjusted by opening the fastener, and the trekking pole can be fixed by closing the clasp. The outer lock trekking pole is relatively convenient and suitable for users with relatively small hands.

The internal locking trekking pole is a fixed locking method by holding the two poles of the trekking pole and rotating in different directions to adjust the friction between the expansion bolt and the inner wall. This lock is secure, but it has specific requirements on the user’s hand strength. If it is not tightened, it may happen that the trekking pole is retracted during use, so care must be taken.

According to the shape of the handle, there are two types: straight handle shape and T-shaped handle.

If you are specialized in outdoor trekking, especially in the case of reloading trekking, it is best to choose a straight handle-shaped handle (as shown below), do not select a T-shaped handle. Otherwise, it will not work well when used with a wristband.